Trailer Watch – Community Season 5

If you’re a Community fan, you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of season 5 – more Greendale, more study group, more timelines, more Dan Harmon!

But maybe you’ve been busy – it’s the holidays, after all, and everyone’s schedules are on crack. Maybe you’ve missed one hell of a trailer.

Don’t worry, fellow Greendalian – we’ve got your back. Below lies an entire 2 minutes and 31 seconds of something that is so wonderfully beyond the ragtag study group of earlier seasons, it’s almost not recognizable. I present to you: the Community season 5 trailer:

Breaking Bad Collides with Community S5

The Huffington Post huffed out an exclusive announcement yesterday revealing that Breaking Bad star Jonathan Banks will begin a recurring role on season 5 of Community as Professor Buzz Hickey.


via NBC

For those not (yet) in the know, Banks is well known and feared for his stone-cold “I’ll-handle-it” character on Breaking Bad, of which I am currently almost finished the last season and am more or less continually writhing in anxious torture. But I digress.

This is promising news on top of the promising news that show creator Dan Harmon is returning to the helm after being booted from what I can confidently call a fail of a season 4. Don’t worry, though – good times are on the way.



Eh, he’ll come around. Book it off and gather your study group - Community returns on Jan. 2 at 8pm EST.

When Communities Collide: The Community Video Game



Inspired by the video game from the episode “Digital Estate Planning,” some Community superfans have decided to create their own version of the game, and I’m not talking about designing a few sprites on a lark. Nope, I’m talking about painstakingly creating a game that looks great, seems fun to play and is full of inside jokes:

The attention to detail is amazing! The number of versions of characters alone is super impressive. Also, make sure to check out Hilda’s funny answers to questions (okay, well, most of them are funny). Her answer to “Spiders” is a reference to this awesome Donald Glover bit (starting at 1:04):

If you have an interest in game designing, love Community, or just want to see what can be created by some nerds with a dream (and an insane amount of dedication to an idea) check out this link.

Dan “The Man” Harmon

This is possibly the BEST news since news was invented! Yesterday, Dan Harmon, a.k.a. creator and showrunner of hilarious TV comedy Community (from seasons 1-3, I’ll add), has CONFIRMED he’ll be returning to helm the show for season 4! :D :D :D



After season 3, NBC booted Harmon from his own show (the nerve) and then went on to make season 4, which was… weird. While most of the cast and writing team was the same, something wasn’t clicking. A piece of the puzzle was missing – it rhymes with “Man Marmon.” It simply wasn’t Community. Keep reading >

I’m Still Watching “Community”


Courtesy of TV Guide

“You have to watch Community,” my friends told me. “It’s a show by writers for writers.” I didn’t listen right away. I went another year and a half without watching, until one Christmas, overcome with holiday boredom, I finally opened up Netflix and watched episode one. I’ve been a die-hard ever since.

Community is a show with very few fair-weather fans. Not only is the often ridiculous, generally outrageous, self-referential, meta, off-the-wall rapid-fire humour not for everyone, the show itself has gone through hell and back. First it suffered from the looming threat of cancellation (which is currently gone but never forgotten). Then Chevy Chase chewed the spotlight with some very strange behavior that I’m going to avoid talking about. Then, the hardest knock of all, creator Dan Harmon was unceremoniously fired and replaced before production could begin on season four.

But hey, we’re still hanging on.

For all its eccentricities, Community loves its fans. It rewards us with solid character development, clever background jokes designed for repeat viewings, and more inside jokes than you can shake a Dean at. The writers have great respect for their audience, and it shows. Those of us that identify with those weird Greendale misfits are willing to stick with it because we see something real and relatable in these outrageous characters, some of whom see themselves in other fictional characters (the prime example being Abed, an avid TV and Film buff who uses his love of fiction to understand reality, played to perfection by Dani Pudi). The show succeeds in doing what all really good stories should do – it communicates something about life that makes us nod and go ‘Yeah, I’ve been there’ or ‘I know how that feels’ or ‘You’re right, Jeff Winger DOES look like Ryan Seacrest’.

I’m always thankful that my friends recommended that I watch Community. It remains one of my favorite shows to this day. However, in passing on the recommendation I would like to make one small change…

Community is a show by fans for fans. Trust me, its well worth becoming one.