5 Goofy Versions of Spider-Man You Might Not Know About

There have been some crazy shake-ups in the Spider-Man storyline recently, what with Doctor Octopus taking over his body in The Superior Spider-Man. But that’s far from the goofiest change that’s happened in Spider-Man’s life; we’ve got five right here:

1) Spider-Hulk


via herodistrict.com

This was actually the second Spider-Man comic book I ever bought.

Basically, Spidey gets a dose of gamma radiation and becomes just like The Incredible Hulk, only in a torn Spider-Man costume. At the time, I went to my dad and said, “Hey, is Spider-Man supposed to be The Hulk, or what? ‘Cause this comic says so.” And my dad said, “Son, that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

He was right. Keep reading >

Comic Book Publishers

…are the topic of my next vlog! I’m talking DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Drawn and Quarterly, Vertigo (R.I.P.), etc. etc. etc.!

Don’t ask me to choose between ‘em, though. Never ask me to choose. If a supervillain had me caught in a nefarious scheme of his that involved me choosing between the above, I would lose oh-so-hard.

Anyways, vlog Tuesdays are almost here again! Yay!

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important…

…DATE. As in an outing. As in brunch. With Guy. Yeeeesh…

I’ve got a valid reason though. Last night I just felt like escaping this cold, wintery rut and having some FUN! Fun therapy is the best therapy.

Basically, I met up with Darcy and we partied laaate. On a Tuesday? I know, weird…but it just felt right. In fact, it got to feel righter and righter as the drinks flowed and the night went on. So right that I, uh…

…happened to have a one night stand. With a dude. Explaining my lateness to brunch.

In retrospect, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. It was fun, we both had a good time, and that’s that. And wouldn’t you know it – I’m feeling a little more chipper today, winter be DAMNED!

I also found out a neat way to patch up my tardiness with Guy… after brunch, we hit up the comic book store where I got a cute girl’s number for him! She works there, they’ve been eyeing each other for weeks… call me a matchmaker! Guy’s even agreed to ask her out.

Achievement unlocked: here’s to digging yourself out of a rut!


I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but Guy sure is being friendly lately. I mean, he IS a friendly person, in a cynical, sarcastic and dry wit sort of way…but I have to admit, he’s throwing me off a smidge!

Okay, so yesterday Guy came over in the evening to bring me the comics I couldn’t get Wednesday because I was covering a shift at work. So sweet of him!

And now he just called me up and said he wants to go out with my tonight dancing…AGAIN.

Saturday night, nothing else planned – you BET I’m going dancing with Guy. Bust out some new thangs like no one’s ever seen!


I’m gonna take a sec to holster my Lawmaker and gush about the upcoming Dredd movie! Guy and I are SO into this series, and seeing as the movie premiere is just over 2 weeks away, it’s time buckle down and MAKE THE LAW.

Or just plain get excited.

Actually, starting tomorrow Guy and I are gonna dig out some Dredd and take a patrol route down memory lane. If you haven’t seen the trailer for the movie yet, it looks sweeeeeeet:

Gay Green Lantern

Hello new week! Actually I guess the week starts on Sunday…I find that kind of weird, I gotta admit. Why begin the week by sleeping in and (if you can) lounging around all day in jammies/nursing a hangover/both?

What a crazy, mixed up world.

But it’s also an exciting one! I forgot to mention this due to the epicity (a word I have just invented to describe the state of being epic) of last week…but Earth 2 came out last Wednesday and I haven’t got my hands on it yet!!

Basically, Earth 2 is an alternate DC Universe that features Alan Scott, a.k.a. the gay Green Lantern! And he and his partner share a kiss in this issue!


It’s not the first time it’s happened, but I think it’s SO GOOD AND RIGHT that pop culture isn’t only acknowledging homosexuality more but actually FEATURING it. It’s great that gay teens have cool role models to follow!

‘Cuz, uh…it doesn’t get much cooler than Green Lantern.

So this Wednesday, rain or shine, sickness or health, recently-discovered-superpowers or no recently-discovered-superpowers, I will BE at the comic book store eating up Earth 2 with my eyeballs!

Gettin’ the juice!

I’m about to get the juice in two, uh, juicy ways!

1) Guy and I are meeting up for brunch and comics! I’m feeling a fruity smoothie today…


2) I’m going to get all the juicy details about my mother’s internet classes with Guy! I love hearing about them. She seems to be having so much fun! Him too, actually. It’s a pretty unlikely combination, especially considering how much she hated him back when we were in high school. But I guess times change!

I would actually love to attend one of their internet learnin’ parties…but haven’t received an invitation. Would it be rude to ask? Maybe I’ll ask today if it feels right.

Fruit juice, ahoy!

Wonderful Wednesday

I can’t BELIEVE the weather this March break!! Am I still in Toronto? Maybe I’ve been teleported somewhere without even knowing? Am I in Rio? ¿Estoy en Río?

Proooobably not. But warmth and sunshine I’ll buy into any day!

I’ve totally gotta get out of the house today – which is why Guy and I are going to grab some lunchables (but not Lunchables™) and head off to the comic book store!

Now I must prepare myself…to leave my apartment…without a coat…

The Fish.


I just found out how Guy spent his time yesterday after I had to cancel on him for comic books…

He still went to Dragon Lady…but he brought a friend. More specifically, the girl he went out with from Plenty of Fish on the weekend!

NICE move, Guy! Although I just realized – I still don’t know her name! What are you hiding from me, Sideki…

*suspicious eyes*

In all seriousness, I’m really happy that Guy’s found a special someone who he can share his interests with. Nothing feels better than being you AND have somebody like you for it. :)

P.S. New vlog going up today!