Star Trek Does ‘Let It Snow’

‘Tis the season for cheer and Christmas carols, but, uh… what happens when you’re warping through the depths of space far from home? What season is it then?

I imagine this is a typical problem for the crew of the Enterprise, many of whom would love to let it snow. But there isn’t snow in deep space either! So what’s a member of Starfleet to do?

Luckily, Picard and his stalwart crew of officers has the solution:

Krampus, the Real-Life European Child-Snatching Christmas Demon

You know those things you hear that sound so crazy you can’t make them up? Yeah, this is one of those.

While Christmas has a pretty universally warm-and-fuzzy vibe to it, groups of people in European alpine countries inject a bit of Halloween terror into their Yuletide celebrations – a tradition that goes way, waaaay back.


via Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Every year on December 5th’s Krampusnacht (“Krampus Night”), a bunch of men dress up in the meanest-looking horned demon costumes you can imagine and terrorize towns, looking to snatch misbehaving kids while leaving the good ones for Saint Nicholas.

Holy crap.

If you ask me, this is FAR more incentive to behave well than just a lump of coal. Check out this article on Krampusnacht from The Atlantic to see their ghoulishly-good gallery of images from the spooky December night.

Well happy birthday, Jesus!

Just returned from dinner at Canoe with my mother and her boyfriend Richard. It was a lovely evening, despite Richard’s grilling me about my career prospects…but then during dessert came a little surprise…

I don’t know if this is a typical Christmas gift for a man to give to a woman to celebrate the birth of Christ but Richard gave her…


I think it’s really sweet that they love getting it on, but did he have to give it to her in front of me? Isn’t that a little weird, or am I way off base?

Merry X-Mas!

Happy holidays to all youse guys who celebrate Orthodox Christmas! Merry merry merry!

My mother’s boyfriend celebrates Orthodox Christmas, so he’s taking me and my mother out to celebrate with him tonight. It’s a new experience for me – I’ve never celebrated it before and I’m excited to learn about it.

…I’m also excited for FREE FOOD! FYI – we’re going here. YUMMMMMMM!

Merry time and a half day!

It’s Christmas Eve day and I’m at work, as I will be tomorrow and the day after as well…I get time and half at both my jobs on holidays! Whoooooo!

Is anyone else working during the holidays? What are your holiday plans? Guy left early this morning to go to his folks’ place to visit with all his sibs. He invited me too… but how could I say no to TIME AND A FREAKIN HALF??? AM I MAKING MY POINT?

Merry Christmas!

So it begins…

Apparently the universe doesn’t always operate in mysterious ways. Sometimes, if it feels like it, it’ll make something happen to you with a little ironic smile.

Yesterday I was ranting about how the holiday season always begins too damn early. Today I’m talking about my now-set-in-steel plans for tomorrow, courtesy of Mother. What’s up?

JEW-MAS. Annual, annual Jew-mas. It’s similar to Chrismukkah, in that it smushes together Christianity and Judaism, with bonus emphasis on western commercialism. Yaaay. :(

Needless to say, my mother’s a huge fan and every year…well…let’s just say I’m going shopping tomorrow. Whether I want to or not.


Happy Holi-enough-already-days!

Warning: Small yet powerful rant approaching. Kind of like a Hit-Girl made of words. Take shelter.

While out and about today on my usual Monday activities (i.e. uh, work), I got a nice view of all the shops and stores downtown. All boasting big window displays.

Filled. With. Christmas. Stuff.

I don’t want to be one of those people, but I totally AM in this case – seeing the holidays being advertised super early drives me NUTS!! And it’s not like things just kicked off today – it’s been going for weeks! Literally since November 1…bye bye Halloween, hello Christmas.

I’m not a Grinch or a Scrooge, heck I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but it’s TOO MUCH! Can’t we have a buffer period in between the two things? Time to actually put away the Halloween stuff? Wait until December 1, even the last week of November, THEN go Christmas-crazy. Why draw it out so much that by the time the holidays actually roll around, you’re sick of them?

World, y u no make sense?!