Just as The Artist’s Way has become a monumental classic, so shall Chris Hardwick’s book The Nerdist Way – How to Reach the Next Level in Real Life.



This book has changed my life. And if you read it, I promise it will change your life (for the better) too. Whether he helps peel away your thought processes, gives you the tools to organize your life, gets you to start exercising, allows you stop using your “lizard almonds”*, or being more kind to yourself, it WILL change your life in a positive, long-term way. If this book does nothing for you, then:

1. You’re dead inside.

2. I will eat a shit burrito. I’m THAT confident.

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Chew On This

Imagine knowing, in a flash of psychic images, the history of EVERYTHING you eat (except for beets). It would be the WORST! That’s what it’s like for Tony Chu, the lead character in the comic book series Chew. Cutting to the chase, Tony works for the FDA (which acts more like the FBI) to solve high profile food base crimes.



Sounds boring, right? Not if you live in a world where chicken and other bird meat is deemed illegal after an outbreak of bird flu that killed over 23 million people, and the only way to get it is to travel to the shady underbelly of the underground. It’s like Boardwalk Empire with feathers!

Chew is definitely worth a look. I dare you to try and eat while reading, though…

Free Books!

Are you sick of your whole nerd life being like this?


Well, how about a website that has a listing of all the free books available on Amazon? What if it updated every hour?


Okay, okay, Fry. Sheesh! Here’s the link to the website as a whole.  And here’s links to the sections for sci-fi and comics and graphic novels.

What’ya think about that Fry?



Fry, you’re confusing! Enjoy the free books everyone else.

Young Adult Books For Feminists (And Everyone Else)

A friend of mine’s daughter is learning to read and she loves books as much as any junior nerd I’ve ever met. Bitch, an awesome feminist magazine, has published a great list of Young Adult Books for Feminist Readers (though any kid would find a bunch of favourites on this list), and I can’t wait to start giving them to her when she’s old enough.

Really want to read one of those Young Adult classics, but simply don’t have the time right now?  Well here A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle in under two minutes:*

*Note: If you haven’t read the book, this probably makes no sense. If you have, you’ll likely find it hilarious and charming!

Adventure Time – The Volume

Nerds can’t get enough of this science-fantasy cartoon created by Pendleton Ward. So when my friend Bob lent me his copy of the graphic novel, I couldn’t help but shout “There’s an Adventure Time book?! Hooray!!” I then insisted we engage in a bro-like fist bump – to which Bob was mildly amused.



The comic series was written by independent writer Ryan North – you know, that funny dude who created Dinosaur Comics (and pssssst… he’s Canadian!). Keep reading >