Nerdified Famous Paintings are the Absolute Best

All you art history majors are going to love this. Actually, all of you who read this site are going to love this, including me (who is not in any way an art history major).

I may not be able to paint, but I can sure as hell Paint.


9gag’s posted a list of 23 famous paintings from history that’ve been… touched up and in my opinion, really improved upon. Nothing too overt, y’know? Just gotta add a touch of 21st century into these babies. Like so:


See? If I didn’t know the giant marshmallow man was inserted, I wouldn’t have even questioned it! Full disclosure – I would am totally going to hang some of these bad boys around the apartment. Here’s the full list ¬†- which one’s your favourite?

Superheroes Get Made Over in Native American Art

At, you’ll find a small yet amazing gallery of some of your favourite superheroes done up in awesome Pacific Northwest Native American designs.


via Jeffrey Veregge

Artist Jeffrey Veregge of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe (near Seattle) shows us brilliantly coloured and shaded designs of Batman, the Flash, Superman, the Silver Surfer and Galactus, Spider-Man and Iron Man in the Coast Salish style. I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously reconsidering my use of wall space in my apartment.

But that’s not all – on Veregge’s website, you can find more artwork in the same style featuring characters from Star Wars, the Alien movies, cartoons and generally amazing stuff.

Read the full article on here and share the awesome!

Amazeballs Fan Art!

Every so often, something amazing pops up, maybe unexpectedly, and slaps you in the face with happiness and good feels. Today is that day! CHECK IT OUT!!


via krumla on Tumblr

Incredible artist and all-around rad Tumblr user krumla has created an AMAZING pic of Guy and yours truly that’s been floating around the Internet!! I’ve NEVER looked this good before (though that’s pretty much how I see Guy day-to-day, down to the hotdog).

To krumla: thanks a ton!