Trailer Watch – Arrested Development Season 4

TV’s favourite dysfunctional family (and there are so, so many of them… but this one is the best) is almost back, and one look at this trailer will tell you this season is going to be climbing the stair car to success. Seriously, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – any Arrested Development haters will be ostrich-cized.

…oh god, I’m stopping myself. Just watch the trailer:

“Has Anyone In This Family Ever Seen a Chicken?” – Arrested Development Season 4 Looms

The new season of Arrested Development is premiering May 26th on Netflix and I couldn’t be more excited.



Fan obsession love for the show has remained at a fever pitch since it was cancelled in 2006, and there have been all kinds of rumours about when and how it would come back. After waiting through several delays, a mass hounding of former cast members to get on board and an Entertainment Weekly issue that made the Internet go nuts, the little show that could is almost back. The Internet is going crazy. Keep reading >

Top 5 Reasons to Love Mae Whitman

If you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days until Arrested Development‘s new season is released in May. Every time I watch the show I find something new to like, and recently I’ve been taken with Ann Veale, the placid, frumpy and devoutly religious object of George-Michael’s misplaced affections. She recently did a terrific interview with The A.V. Club, so in celebration of both the upcoming series and of Ann, here are my top five reasons to love Mae Whitman.

Mae Whitman -

Mae Whitman –

1. She’s terrific on Arrested Development.
In a series stuffed to the gills with seasoned veterans like Jessica Walters, Jeffrey Tambor, Amy Poehler, David Cross and Will Arnett, she holds her own, crafting a character that’s funny, memorable and strange, and doing it with practically no dialogue. (Mayonn-egg, anyone?)

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Happy Family Day!

… also known as a great excuse for a statutory holiday in February! Otherwise, we’d have to go from New Years to Easter. Not cool, amirite?

I’m not actually spending Family Day with my family though…Mother’s still up in Quebec with her boyfriend, but at least I’m off work! So Guy’s coming over in a bit and we’re gonna try and tackle Cloud Atlas… the movie apparently so deep, it can’t be properly summarized in a trailer!

It’s nice to know that even if I can’t see actual family on Family Day, I can still spend it with my chosen family.

… which miiiiiiight be better sometimes? The Bluths know.

No Strings Attached

The apron strings are officially no more.

Yesterday after work I felt so terrible about shutting out Guy that I went immediately over to his place to make amends. But he wasn’t answering the door, phone, text  - nothing.

I walked home, head down,  feelin’ pretty blue, and thinking that he hated me for sure.

But…later on, and after a whole thing of candy beans, a got a call from Guy. He was like: “did you call? where have you been?” I told him I had been in the zone finished Dead Space 2. And where had he been? At the movies by himself watching “No Strings Attached“!

This was a big moment. He left his house on his own and sought out something he wanted (Natalie Portman). This is huge. I started tearing up and had to call him back.

Yay :)