Rob Sweere Solves Winter Living in the Wilderness

Despite the calender, winter officially arrived in Toronto these past few days with some wicked winds and a dusting of snow. Mind you, it’s nothing compared to the rest of Canada, but hey – you have to start somewhere.

I guess the cold got into my head because the next thing I know, I’m looking up some awesome mobile pod homes for the Arctic. On skiis. Hells yeah!



Dutch artist Rob Sweere has designed a number of sled habitats that can be transported through cold regions and provide adequate room for 6 to cook, sleep and sit in insulated comfort.

The sledge habitats also come with some cool features like bubble windows for panoramic views and tabletops inside for general horizontal handiness. I feel compelled to also point out that I can’t help but look at these things and just know they’re Dutch. They just are, I mean, look.



Speaking as someone who’s camped out in the arctic tundra in less-than-warm conditions, these would have been completely indispensable for the trek. A little comfort goes a long way.

Check out Rob Sweere’s site for some of his other cool projects he does when he’s not solving cold-weather camping. Now that’s what I call–

Don’t do it…