Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

I like a good scary story or movie as much as the next person. It’s really interesting to see what fear does to people.


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There is a line, methinks, between deserved fear and cheap fear… a lot of movies just startle you in your seat to extract a scream or two. It feels a bit cheap. Then there’s horror that really plants a seed in your mind that later on, no doubt when you’re all alone and trying to fall asleep, blossoms into the most terrifying people-eating plant imaginable.

I just came across a list on Mandatory.com gleaned from Redditors who’ve created pants-wetting horror stories in two sentences. That’s not a lot to work with if you think about it, but trust me:

These. Are. So. Scary.

New Artwork from Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson

Long-retired and norotiously low-key, comic creator Bill Watterson of everyone (yes, literally everyone)’s favourite comic strip Calvin and Hobbes has just broken his illustration silence.

According to io9.com, Watterson was “so impressed” with the upcoming documentary Stripped, investigating the lives and careers of cartoonists in an era when newspapers are dropping like flies, that he decided to create the movie’s poster. According to Stripped‘s website, it’s Watterson’s first comic in 19 years.

Holy shit. Check out the trailer for the film (it looks terrific) and catch Watterson’s full poster after the jump.

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Super Mario Theme on Ancient Chinese Flute

Level up in awesomeness!

I love it when old meets new, and when it involves video games, that’s even better. An ancient Chinese instrument called the “sheng” (which kind of looks like the Capitol, no?) is apparently the perfect – and I mean the perfect – instrument to play the Super Mario Bros. theme on!

Part of me wants to believe they just used this to get the original sound effects in the first place… Mind. Blown.

All 18 Game of Thrones Season 4 Posters

A plague of posters has descended on the Interwebz with the release of the key poster art for the upcoming Game of Thrones season 4. HBO’s been very smart about their releases too, allocating certain posters to certain media sites. Crafty, crafty.


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When it all comes down to it, though, “valar morghulis“, as they say. Which, if my High Valyrian isn’t too rusty, translates to “It doesn’t matter, they’ve all ended up on the Internet anyway.” Or something like that.

For convenience’s sake, we’ve assembled all 18 posters in one place for your viewing pleasure, covering a bevvy of characters from Westeros and Essos you love to hate and hate to love. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

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The True Identity of Andy’s Mom in Toy Story

One of the cornerstones of my childhood is Toy Story. In fact, one of the first things I’ll ask of a newly-met person is if this is true for them too. If it isn’t, there’s trouble.

But Pixar is wily. Clever. They’ll construct their movies to be taken in on one level, understood on a second level and then, if you possess the cunning (and the time), they’ll hit you with even deeper connections and truths. Jon Negroni knows!


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As a Pixar theorist, Negroni peels back the shiny exteriors of these animated blockbusters and finds some incredible truths and connections, both within films and between them.

Most recently, Negroni has unveiled a “truth” about who Andy’s mom actually is and how the entire Toy Story universe revolves around her – and it’s absolutely astounding.

Check out the full article here and clutch a pillow or something for comfort/to stifle screams and/or tears.

Debs and Errol Create a New Nerd Game Phenomenon!

Do you remember the simple fun of schoolyard games? How great it was finding the perfect hiding spot for hide-and-seek and giggling when the “its” passed by you?

Toronto nerd band extraordinaire Debs and Errol have taken the fun of those games and added a Whovian twist. The game, as featured in the web comic below, takes Marco Polo, one of Doctor Who‘s scariest villains, and the joy of scaring the ever-loving crap out of someone and blends them together into your new favourite Sunday afternoon activity:


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Nerd parents and kids’ game enthusiasts, you’ll never be bored again. Debs and Errol have caused boredom to Exterminate! Exterminate!

So Today’s Ragnarok

If you’ve made lunch plans, you maaaaay want to rethink them. Today’s the end of the world!

Okay, I’m not exactly sure what time it’ll happen, so your soup and sandwich may be safe after all… but at some point today, February 22 according to Norse myth, all evil is supposed to break free from Hel and pour out onto the Earth, where a bunch of gods will take up arms and try to hold it back.


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So in other words, a Saturday. Thor, Odin, Tyr, Freyr and many more are gonna lay down, the world is going to be destroyed and flooded in the process, but BONUS – two human beings will survive. Guy kind of sucks at swimming, so I’m fairly certain it won’t be us.

Do you have any Ragnarok plans?

Want a New Nerdy Earworm? “Make It So!”

Like many of you, I’ve been singing Frozen‘s hit “Let it Go” non-stop since I saw the movie (sorry, roommates). Here’s the culprit:

Never ones to let a a great song go un-geekified, Toronto’s own nerd duo extraordinaire Debs & Errol have created a brilliant Star Trek: TNG parody of the song, entitled appropriately enough “Make It So”. It’s funny, smart and Debs has got PIPES!

Sorry again, roommates… I’ve got a new song to never stop singing.

6 Google Easter Eggs You Need To See

We’re familiar with the concept of Easter eggs in DVD extras for a movie or TV show; jokes and inside fun hidden by the movie’s creators for those with a keen eye. We’re probably also familiar with the concept of Easter eggs for… well, Easter.

But what about Easter eggs in your search engine?


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Google’s known for having a little fun on the Internet – everything from Doodles to the logo itself (the colour scheme does a kid’s playroom) – so it should come as no surprise that there are a few hidden tricks anyone can see while performing a simple search. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Askew

Tired of seeing everything so up-and-down, all level angles and neat edges? Add a touch of chaos to your day by simply searching the words “askew” or “tilt”. If you’re more of an OCD type, this may not sit so well with you. See it.


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2. Barrel Roll

You’ve wanted to be a stunt pilot since you were 7, but you know that if the bus makes you queasy, an F-18 will have you projectile-vomiting so hard you’ll put Regan’s demon barf to shame. What to do, dreamer?

How about taking a spin in your search engine from the grounded comfort of your computer? Open Google, type in “do a barrel roll” and watch your dream come true. Buckle up.


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The Olympics: Attenborough’ed

It’s been an amazing Olympics for Canadians; I may have blown out my voice cheering for some of our athletes.

Though despite being filled with nationalistic pride, cheering for medal winners hasn’t been the most exciting part of the Olympics for me. No, instead my heart has been stolen by another hero: Sir David Attenborough.


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I question whether or not British legend and science dreamboat (you know you agree) Sir David actually narrated this clip. However, watch it and try not to smile from ear to ear: I DARE YOU! The Olympics have never sounded more quietly dignified.