Star Trek Does ‘Let It Snow’

‘Tis the season for cheer and Christmas carols, but, uh… what happens when you’re warping through the depths of space far from home? What season is it then?

I imagine this is a typical problem for the crew of the Enterprise, many of whom would love to let it snow. But there isn’t snow in deep space either! So what’s a member of Starfleet to do?

Luckily, Picard and his stalwart crew of officers has the solution:

Revisit Every Classic Childhood Game in 4 Minutes

Canadian rockers The Motorleague have one boss music video for their song “Failsafes”, best described as one big jet-pack-ride down memory lane: picture modded classic computer video games re-imagined to feature the lyrics from the song:

You’ve gotta respect a band that pays tribute to the Macintosh classic Cross Country Canada in their music video. And on that note, you’ve gotta respect the Cross Country Canada for educating young children about the very real possibility of getting murdered by a hitchhiker while trying to deliver some commodities to Thunder Bay.

3 Killer Radiohead Covers

If Radiohead isn’t your favourite band ever/evar, then you definitely know someone for whom they wear the best band sash. I personally know 3 people that would say that Radiohead are without a doubt their favourite band and I know several dozen more people that have Radiohead in their personal top 3.



For me, they’re probably number 4, right after The Magnetic Fields (#1), Nine Inch Nails (#2), and Weird Al (#3). And yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, Weird Al’s really slipped down the Mike charts in the last twenty years. He used to sit so comfortably ‘pon the throne of #1 best band for 11-year-old Mike. What happened?” To that I say, “That’s a bit of a tangent – let’s get to the meat of this blog post.” And to that you nod silently.

By the way, if you came here looking for 3 Radiohead covers by The Killers, you came to the WRONG place! But below are three great Radiohead covers that, like all great covers, kind of make you re-think what you believe about the originals. Let’s get to it.

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Data’s TNG Poem Set to Music

Fact #1: The Internet loves cats.

Fact #2: The Internet loves Star Trek.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before an ode to the character that is the ultimate Venn Diagram of these two things appeared: Data’s cat Spot.



Nerd band extraordinaire The Doubleclicks have taken an original poem by everyone’s favourite space-travelling, evil twin-having, Prime Directive-following android and put it to music.

It’s a darn catchy tune and the video features some pretty sweet in-character dance moves. Wait for it… wait for it…


The Hampster Dance is Back!

I found the clip below while surfing through the myriad that is the Internet and thought to myself, “Boy, The Boomtang Boys must really be desperate for attention if they’re rehashing a 15-year-old novelty hit.” But then, being that I was watching what I was watching in the first place, I noticed that I was slipping… slipping on just the first icy step in what was to be an afternoon-long YouTube nostalgia spiral:

If you didn’t click ‘play’ on the clip, either because you don’t want to or because you really don’t want to, I’ve provided a short summary: The Boomtang Boys have dropped a 2.0 cover of the late 90′s novelty song, trying to make it as ‘club’ as possible short of going full dubstep, and features a pop culture reference-laden rap by the eponymous Hampster (sic). Highlights include the Hampster using the phrase “patient zero” to describe himself, the Hampster referencing his presence as Hannah Montana’s ringtone in the movie, and Hampster just having generally sick flow. Oh, and there are some cool “breaks” too.

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Is 440 Hz Making Music Evil?

Everybody likes music, but not everybody likes all music. Let’s face it, there’s some stuff out there that really just makes us cringe.

But what if all music out there was maybe, kind of bad? Not in terms of taste or content, but in actually producing negative effects on the mind and body?



This is a theory that’s being floated around out there. See, most music is tuned to 440 Hz as established by in the 1950s by the International Standards Organization. But apparently 432 Hz – only 8 Hz difference – is the actual harmonic frequency that mathematically lines up with the universe. What the WHAT. It’s mind-blowing.

Check out this article for more details and make sure to catch the video at the end, showing how salt morphs into different, often beautiful, patterns with the change of a tone’s frequency.

What Does the Fox Say? Plenty!

By now I’m sure most of you have seen the music video for the insanely catchy song “The Fox” by Norwegian band Ylvis.  If you haven’t check it out, I’ll wait:

Now that you’re thoroughly obsessed with the song, I’m sure you’re also fascinated by it’s central question: what does the fox say? Well, we here at Sexy Nerd Girl research labs are here to help. After exhaustive study, we have found out exactly what the fox says:



You’re welcome!