The ENORMOUS Trailer You Have To See

Back in 2012, a comic series called Enormous was created by writer/designer Tim Daniel and artist Mehdi Cheggour. Currently with 4 issues to date, and another expected in June 2014, the series has caught the attention of the folks at Machinima, who are adapting it into a web series.



FUN. Here’s how things kick off according to the Enormous site:

“In the midst of a planetary crisis for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm has spawned ‘The Enormous’, massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Humankind struggles to stave off extinction and the only law is hunt or be hunted.”

BIG FUN. Machinima has just released the trailer for the series, and you can watch it right now. In fact, I’m just going to place it so conveniently below for you that you won’t have a choice:

Enormous kicks off on Machinima March 20th.

Calvin and Hobbes Snowman Gallery

Aside from just totalling nailing childhood, Calvin and Hobbes has always made winter FUN. Sure, it can be grey and wet and cold – but does all that really matter if you have snowman art?


via Bill Watterson

Reading these at any time of year – even in the middle of a summer heatwave – always makes me pine for a free winter day so I can find the nearest field and go nuts with artistic expression.

So while everything’s sort of mush outside right now, I can still get some inspiration from this gallery of Calvin and Hobbes snowman strips! I swear, as soon as I get another dump of fresh snow…

Brand New from Chuck Palahniuk

Writer, pop culture personality and author you probably only like if you’re under 25, Chuck Palahniuk has debuted a new short story on – of all places – Playboy SFW website.



Best known for being one of the lucky writers who’s Fight Club was nailed as a book and a film, Palahniuk’s new short story is titled Zombie and can easily be read in under 10 minutes for the temporally-challenged.

Click here to give it a read. Heck, maybe I’m even wrong about the over 25 thing (though… I’m probably not).

‘The Disaster Artist’ is No Train Wreck!

I’m one of those people obsessed with the cult classic The Room. I can recite almost every line, have watched it over-and-over and am in awe of the enigma that is Tommy Wiseau.

As someone who wanted answers to my many questions, I was ecstatic to hear about Greg Sestero’s memoir The Disaster Artist.



I first heard the announcement that Simon and Schuster was publishing Greg Sestero’s book a few years back on How Did This Get Made?, the popular Earwolf podcast hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas. Sestero, who played Mark in The Room, was a guest and the subject that week was, of course, the movie. You could hear the excitement in Paul’s voice as he tossed Greg question after question; it was awesome!

Naturally, I wanted more and was bummed I had to wait two years to get it. But just like they do with that damn football in The Room, time passed…

Keep reading >

Have ALLLL The Free Books… Read ALLLL The Free Books!

Love free books?  Well you’re going to love, love, love LibriVox, an organization partly created by “book culture hacker,” culture mover-and-shaker and my new giant nerd crush, Hugh McGuire.



LibriVox is a collection of over 7000 free audio versions of books in the public domain. The audiobooks are performed by volunteers, who don’t even need to audition – any accent is accepted as long as it’s understandable. While this means that the recordings won’t be to everyone’s taste, if you’re a lover of DIY/hacker culture it’s a particularly beautiful idea: everyone has access to great art either as a consumer or a performer.

Heck, maybe we’ll get some more narrations just as good as the ones mentioned in this Apartment Therapy post. Hey, Stephen Fry probably has some time between doing ALL the things, right?

If you’re interested in being involved (especially if you’re interested AND are Stephen Fry) click on this link to find out more about how to volunteer.

The Killer Ending to ‘The Killing Joke’

Published in 1988, the Alan Moore written and Brian Bolland, Batman: The Killing Joke has (thanks to this video posted by Jordan Gibson) become a hot topic for Batman fans.

The question is: did Batman kill the Joker at the end? The book is amazing: well written, well illustrated and well coloured. It also has an amazing ending that forces the reader to decide if the Joker finally won, completing his final sick joke – his own death at the hands of Batman.


via Batman: The Killing Joke

If you look at the source material, which was apparently supposed to be a one-off story, I think the ending is pretty clear: Batman kills the Joker. That’s the best ending, examining all of the prominent themes of Batman up until that point. It builds to that climax, and Moore masterfully forces the reader to decide that for themselves, by not showing the action in a panel or giving it away through an overt sound effect (“SNAP!”). He leaves that decision up to the reader, who could choose to accept the Joker won, or not.

DC however, did not choose to let the Joker win, and rolled the story into Batman canon by turning Barbra Gordon into wheelchair-bound Oracle and bringing the Joker back in the subsequent books. This decision by DC forced the reader to accept that Batman did not compromise his principles even though the book might suggest otherwise.



I LOVE this controversy, and I LOVE that Alan Moore had the balls to take Batman to the edge and let him walk off.  I will always read The Killing Joke and have it end that way – even though I enjoy everything that came after. For some reason, I’m able to enjoy both Batmans: the uncompromising one we continue to read, and the Batman that murdered the Joker, crossing the line forever.

What do you think happened at the end of The Killing Joke?

‘Fire on the Mound’ – A Podcast Novel

This epic unpublished novel-turned-podcast by William J. Meyer is a beautiful story that takes place on the treacherous island, Naosaleyn, and at only 30 minutes per episode, it’s a must-listen. Trust this writer when I say it’s the perfect fill for your mythical needs when heading to your dreaded day job.

More than just a bunch of characters running around in a rich, mythological land, Fire on the Mound is a story about the conflict and turmoil of growing up and the struggle for power… something we can all relate to. Or at least the first bit, anyway.



It’s also good to know that listening is all free, which is NUTS considering the quality of what’s in there! You can stream or download all episodes from the official Fire on the Mound website.

I leave you with this task: before season 2 comes out, have a listen so we can all get excited together!

‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

But really, how has this not happened sooner?


Buzzfeed has put together a terrific list of characters from Game of Thrones and the houses they’d fit into if they’d gone to Hogwarts. I WOULD READ THAT BOOK. I mean, I read all the other ones, anyway.

What’s more is that it might not be so cut-and-paste as you might think – there are definitely some surprises on the list. Starks into Gryffindor? Mmmmm, not quite. Joffrey in Slytherin?

…yeah, no surprises there. Check out the article for more and drop a comment below on what you think of the sorting.

Mindy Kaling Will Always Be Invited to Hang

If you’re ever in a bookstore thinking, “Boy, I’d love to read a biography full of romance, awkward childhood stories and charming anecdotes, told from the perspective of a hard-working, clothes-loving writer and comedy nerd who will melt my perception of her (a perception based solely on a character she played for NBC’s The Office)… stop. I have advice.

First of all, you have very specific literary purchasing needs. May I help you narrow your selection down to just one light and entertaining read?

I present, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?



And if you haven’t watched her TV show, The Mindy Projectshame on you! Download it from iTunes, watch it, read her book and fall in love with her just like I did.

Besides, what else are you going to do on an August day? Go to the beach and get a wicked sunburn? No thanks! Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? gets a big recommend from this writer.

Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Promo: Adorably Creepy or Creepily Adorable?

This ad for the new Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is the exact combination of weird, cute, funny and creepy that you would expect from the show.

A warning for the uninitiated: this promo may cause your brain to this:

From Reddit User imeatingsoup

via Reddit user imeatingsoup

See for yourself what all the cutie-pie creep is about: