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Simon makes Internet videos, has been computer-friendly since 1982, and lost count of the number of times he's watched Star Wars.

Gone Fishin’


I have some good news and some bad news. It’s actually the same piece of news and it’s either good or bad depending upon how you look at it. And perhaps dependant upon your current mood. Knock on wood – you’re currently content.

Just as we did with our YouTube channel late last year, Sexy Nerd Girl is going on indefinite hiatus across all platforms.

We are about to start seeking distribution for our feature film version of Season 1 of Versus Valerie and need to give that process our undivided attention. The fine folks at the Independent Production Fund – which helped fund part of Season 1 – have put our Season 2 funding on hold until next year. Once we’ve found a distribution channel for our Season 1 feature, we’ll re-apply with them next year for our Season 2 funding.

So the soonest you will be seeing any new Sexy Nerd Girl or Versus Valerie content will likely be 2015.

Until then, stay shiny. :)

We Are All Collectors – A Review of Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World, directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones), is an excellent example of how to make your sequel not only live up to its predecessor but, in some ways, surpass it. Careful, though – here be plot spoilers.


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Like Iron Man 3, Thor 2 is set after the events of The Avengers and is, in some ways, a reaction to that film’s Battle of New York.¬†After a brief flashback to the reign of Odin’s father Bor and his war against the ever-nihilist Dark Elves, led by Malekith, we find ourselves in present day Asgard.

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A Big Suck

It’s 5:15am on a Tuesday. I haven’t been able to sleep because I’ve got a hacking cold. It’s currently at the point when every time I cough, a distasteful, slime-like substance suddenly appears in my mouth. It is not swallowable. Unlike my pride.

This sickness prevented me from being present at the taping of the last two Sexy Nerd Girl vlogs before we go on hiatus. I actually did show up to the shoot, but my team sent me home for fear of contracting my bug. Part of me was somewhat relieved. I’m a big suck – I probably would have cried during the shoot.

Val celebrates her 4th year of existence in 2014.

Val enters her 4th year of existence next week. If you’re me.

It was three years ago this week that Sexy Nerd Girl was born. For me at least.

At that time, this need arose in me to make a show with a female lead character who lives a completely ordinary life, not unlike any of our lives, but she lives it extraordinarily. She’s a Homeric hero with the life of an everywoman. If you wanted to avoid an interstellar war when the aliens make first contact, she’s the person you’d most want present. She would buy them a round of drinks.

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Why Wolverine is one of greatest characters ever created in any genre of fiction

Please allow me to explain to you why Wolverine is not only the greatest comic book character ever created but also one of greatest characters ever created in any genre of fiction.


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Heroes are meant to be characters with whom an audience can sympathize. The audience can put themselves in that character’s shoes; they understand the character’s choices and the motivations for those choices. And from a fantastical point of view, a hero can complete an audience member. They can fill a spiritual vacuum with a mythos that calms our tortured souls (this is how most religions function).

There are 3 qualities to Wolverine that raise him to the iconic context above.

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Sexy Nerd Girl Nominated for Best Web Series

Please take a moment to consider voting for Sexy Nerd Girl in the 2013 Canadian Comedy Awards. All Canadians are eligible to vote. Simply register as a public voter on CanadianComedy.ca, then login to your newly formed account and click on VOTE. We’re listed in the Best Web Series category.

BUT LET’S ASSUME FOR A MOMENT that you despise Sexy Nerd Girl. There are 4 other web series that are nominated in our category. All are deserving of this award, IMHO. So really what I’m saying here is, if you’re Canadian, and you like watching Canadian web series, go vote for one of these shows. Thanks. :)