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New Call of Duty Trailer Disappoints

The live-action spot for the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game is fun, but there’s something seriously wrong with it. Watch the clip and see for yourself:

Problem: I find it eternally frustrating that the only woman in the thing is Megan Fox, and that immediately one of the guy players starts to hit on her.

We know both of those things are going to irk female players, so why put them in the ad? It’s like saying COD acknowledges that those are standard female play-experiences on their platform and that they are proud of it.

The spot tries to validate her presence by giving her a drone to kill while the other player is distracted by her beauty, but ultimately any ground they gain is tiny in comparison to the steps back they take with the spot in general.

I’m very unimpressed with the COD franchise – they are actively pushing an anti-female gaming agenda, whether they are conscious of it or not.

‘ROBOCOP’ Has a Lot of Potential

The new trailer for ROBOCOP is out!

It definitely looks very different from the 80′s classic. The previous iteration addressed the cynicism of the 1980′s perfectly. It was satire. It was bleak. It was brutal.

The new film isn’t going to be a remake that addresses the same themes, and I for one am sort of glad for that. I don’t think remakes need to try to tread the same ground as the original, mostly because they can’t.

Society has evolved and the zeitgeist has changed.

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The Killer Ending to ‘The Killing Joke’

Published in 1988, the Alan Moore written and Brian Bolland, Batman: The Killing Joke has (thanks to this video posted by Jordan Gibson) become a hot topic for Batman fans.

The question is: did Batman kill the Joker at the end? The book is amazing: well written, well illustrated and well coloured. It also has an amazing ending that forces the reader to decide if the Joker finally won, completing his final sick joke – his own death at the hands of Batman.


via Batman: The Killing Joke

If you look at the source material, which was apparently supposed to be a one-off story, I think the ending is pretty clear: Batman kills the Joker. That’s the best ending, examining all of the prominent themes of Batman up until that point. It builds to that climax, and Moore masterfully forces the reader to decide that for themselves, by not showing the action in a panel or giving it away through an overt sound effect (“SNAP!”). He leaves that decision up to the reader, who could choose to accept the Joker won, or not.

DC however, did not choose to let the Joker win, and rolled the story into Batman canon by turning Barbra Gordon into wheelchair-bound Oracle and bringing the Joker back in the subsequent books. This decision by DC forced the reader to accept that Batman did not compromise his principles even though the book might suggest otherwise.


via cavemengo.blogspot.com

I LOVE this controversy, and I LOVE that Alan Moore had the balls to take Batman to the edge and let him walk off.  I will always read The Killing Joke and have it end that way – even though I enjoy everything that came after. For some reason, I’m able to enjoy both Batmans: the uncompromising one we continue to read, and the Batman that murdered the Joker, crossing the line forever.

What do you think happened at the end of The Killing Joke?

8 Ways to Improve ‘Kick-Ass 2′

I LOVED Kick-Ass, I read the books and I was there on opening day for both the original and the just-released sequel, Kick-Ass 2. I enjoyed the film, I had fun watching it, and I can’t wait for a third to make them a trilogy!


via hdwallpapers.in

WARNING: This exploration contains spoilers for both the books and the films. So if you haven’t seen/read ‘em, go away!

…see/read ‘em, and then come back! All right, here we go.

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Pacific Rim Job – With Spoilers!

Pacific Rim was not a risky film in the least; except maybe for Guillermo del Toro’s future in giant-budget blockbusters…


via pacificrimmovie.net

Compared to a GDT film like Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim was very hollow. It was full of lame action movie tropes and tired motivations and quite possibly the WORST dialogue I’ve seen in a summer action movie in a long time.

However, it was an amazing spectacle and was, when I wasn’t distracted by its flaws, a very enjoyable experience.

I now present to you: 10 things that could have made the film better.

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People’s Passions Amaze Me: Two Great Web Original Sci-Fi Series Launch Their Second Seasons!

One of the things I love the best about the Internet is that it connects people of similar interests from around the globe, no matter how obscure or pornographic those interests may be. And anyone that’s ever been to a conference or a convention knows that when you get a bunch or people that are experts in their field together, great ideas are inspired and celebrated. The internet is a perpetual convention, where great ideas are shared and enjoyed.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to work on one of my favourite Sci-Fi web series, SPACE JANITORS, as the Director of Photography.


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“Oh yeah, I fucking LOVE movies.”

Take a second and fill your eyes with this mashup of everything there is to be excited for this summer when it comes to blockbuster movies!

There is a reason to get out to the theatre almost every week in this video. I cannot wait to have the smell of fresh popcorn hit me while I sit down in a crowded theatre on opening night for as many of these movies as humanly possible!

What are you excited for?

3D Printing – WIN WIN WIN

A while ago, Val posted a Vlog about the future of video games.

My favourite idea was attaching a 3D printer to your console so that you could print out physical versions of awards and trophies. Imagine a game that came with a cartridge system that held specific colours and textures of materials and that printed unique (aaand probably copywritten) versions of achievements in games.


via wikipedia.org

You could make some achievements very easy to obtain, and some, very difficult – making physical versions really hard to obtain. Small victories like medals could be printed quickly and could be made to wear. Larger, more difficult trophies (like a full-sized Master Sword) might be for those that can beat the game without dying. Keep reading >

Only YOU can make Dredd 2!

This is a cause I can get behind. Dredd was one of the best 3D films I have ever seen (rivaling Life of Pi).


via planetmut.com

It was inventive, well shot, and true to the source material. I personally would love to see a sequel. If you loved the film, please do like and share – despite what people may think about the Hollywood machine – if we can prove that there is enough interest in a sequel, maybe someone will listen…