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New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Photos Hint at Sinister Six

A few photos were released from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie recently, and to be honest, they’re a bit… underwhelming. Exhibit A:


via Columbia Pictures

Alright, so now we know a guy is gonna stand near a pole, that’s interesting. Wait, sorry, not interesting.


via Columbia Pictures

Spoiler alert: Stan Lee is hanging out on set. Whoopee.

Okay, but buried in the middle of these remarkably banal images is this little treat:


via Columbia Pictures

BAM! That’s what I’m talking about! Having the Sinister Six in this movie would be hella bad-ass. And it doesn’t seem too unlikely either, considering the Rhino and Electro are already a done deal.

Not sure why the Sinister Six put their name on a building, but my excitement for this film just went from “meh” to “yeh!”

Batman: Arkham Origins – Shut Up and Take My Money Edition

The special give-us-all-your-cash-please edition of the hotly anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins has been announced (at least for the UK), and it sounds pretty awesome.


via arkhamverse.com

Here’s what your hard-earned ¬£79.99 will get you:

  • Batman and Joker statue
  • Artbook
  • Dossiers
  • Two downloadable skins
  • Collector’s metal case

PS3 owners will also be treated to the “Knightfall” costume pack, which looks like this:


via joystiq.com

It looks cool, bro. REAL cool.

Breaking Bad Theme Played on Meth Lab Equipment



via hckleinman.tumblr.com

If you missed the first episode on Sunday, get your act together ’cause the spoiler tornado is coming!

In the meantime while you figure out a way to get a copy of the episode, enjoy this music video of the Breaking Bad theme from YouTuber Andrew Huang, played on actual meth lab equipment:

How to Make Better Girl Heroes: Let Girls Design ‘Em

Love, love, LOVE this Tumblr that’s gaining steam, which makes me smile and go “Aw, coooool!” all at once.

See, it’s called “Little Girls R Better At Designing Heroes Than You.” They take pictures of made-up superhero costumes designed by bad-ass little ladies and draw them up real nice. Check it out.


tumblr_moyzfft3Iq1s9mw7uo1_500I’m not gonna lie, I’d like to see some of these heroes in a story very soon, you hear me, DC? See more¬†HERE.

30 Minutes of ‘DuckTales: Remastered’ Gameplay

If you never played the old DuckTales game, let me assure you: it’s awesome. Just a super fun platformer, with fun gameplay and gorgeous level design. Not to mention a ridiculously catchy theme song:

Some folks at Capcom have put themselves to the task of updating this classic for 2013. And they done a good job. Here’s the trailer to whet your whistle:

And here’s some gameplay. Awesome. Just awesome.

Nimbus Machina Is Steampunk Animation At Its Best

Steampunk is a kind of hard to pin down. Is it a genre of fiction? A fashion movement? A way of life? Who the heck knows, man. One thing’s for sure: steampunk LOOKS COOL. Whether it’s cosplay…


via aibob.wordpress.com

…modifying existing modern technology to look bad-ass…


via 1800recycling.com

…or re-imagining pop culture mainstays like Star Wars into a steampunk world, steampunk ROCKS, bro!


via sillof.com

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Guillermo Del Toro To Bring On Charlie Kaufman To Slaughterhouse-Five

Perhaps you’re aware that director Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Pacific Rim), is signed on to direct a film version of Kurt Vonnegut’s masterpiece “Slaughterhouse-Five.” But he recently announced that he will be bringing on avant garde screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) to write.


via pastemagazine.com

Whether you’re a fan of Charlie Kaufman’s off-beat, meta narratives or not, he’s probably an excellent choice to make sense of the oft-incoherent storyline of “Slaughterhouse-Five, which jumps around time like House of Pain in a TARDIS. Was that a dated reference? Jeez, fine, here:

Open World Mad Max Video Game In The Works

You’ve probably heard about the new upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road film set to be released next year, but here is some excellent news: an open world Mad Max video game is coming to consoles.

Considering I’ve been whetting my beak with unabashed borrowers of George Miller’s masterpiece such as Fallout 3 and Borderlands, it’s very exciting to strap in for the real deal. Driving a cool digital version of Max’s iconic Interceptor? Jeez, my bucket list is getting shorter by the week!

Here’s a short teaser video to get you psyched:

Memorize Is A Short Sci Fi Flick That Is Part Dredd 3D, Part Minority Report

Yes, it was released in 2012, but with the growing popularity of Google Glass, Memorize is a short film by Eric Ramberg raises some interesting questions about the dangers of an “always watching” society.

Shot on a shoestring budget, the film has some pretty fun special effects and the cinematography is quite good. Check it out if you have a few spare minutes: