We’ve Got The Rings Like Saturn

Every time I watch a sci-fi film that features distant planets with various moons whirling around them, I wonder: wtf would that look like?

Sometimes planets orbit other planets while orbiting a sun; Tatooine has twin suns. Avatar‘s Pandora is a moon orbiting gas giant Polyphemus. So what would ordinary ol’ Earth look like with some of these features?


via Ron Miller and io9.com

An article posted on io9.com shows images of what our planet’s sky would look like with Saturn’s rings – and it’s pretty amazing. Perspectives include a far northern Alaska, far southern French Polynesia, Washington D.C.’s latitude and smack-dab on the equator.

The cool thing is they’d remain there day and night – there’s no such thing as ring-rise or ring-set. Check out the article to see more about an ancient Earth that actually did have rings and what’s happened to it since.

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