Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

I like a good scary story or movie as much as the next person. It’s really interesting to see what fear does to people.


via thebigfatawesomegifparty.tumblr.com

There is a line, methinks, between deserved fear and cheap fear… a lot of movies just startle you in your seat to extract a scream or two. It feels a bit cheap. Then there’s horror that really plants a seed in your mind that later on, no doubt when you’re all alone and trying to fall asleep, blossoms into the most terrifying people-eating plant imaginable.

I just came across a list on Mandatory.com gleaned from Redditors who’ve created pants-wetting horror stories in two sentences. That’s not a lot to work with if you think about it, but trust me:

These. Are. So. Scary.

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