World’s Tallest Water Slide Will Make You Wet Yourself

German speakers know it as “Insane”. English speakers know it as a terrifying foreign word. Everybody can agree you’d have to be a little nuts to ride it.



The world’s tallest water slide in Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Water Park just released a tour video of the new death-defying (or inducing, depending on your perspective) attraction Verr├╝ckt. Standing 17 storeys tall and a whopping 264 steps to get to the top, visitors then get to plummet all the way down at speeds topping 104 kmph (65 mph).

I don’t know what’s worse: imagining the biting wedgie you’d be at risk for, or the fact that the sides seem to be no more than curbs. I’d definitely try it, but in lieu of being able to get down to Kansas City, I think I could step out in front of a moving train for the same effect.

Epic trailer for an epic ride:

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