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2014 has officially rolled into town with a bit of snow and an icy slap in the face from -20°C temps, but I’m still givin’ thanks for the total par-tay that 2013′s been.

I got to make a ton of fun vlogs, meet a lot of great people, go to cons, quit my job from hell and go on some adventures. And yes, there were plenty of wrenches in the gears… I’m still on hiatus from vlogging but life is really excellent right now. I still maintain my YouTube absence won’t be forever! ;)

I want to take a moment say thanks to some folks. I’ve got a great network of friends and contributors on this here blog that take time to write about awesome stuff and share it with me (and you) – they work really hard and make running a website a lot easier!

I also want to thank you – not just a general ‘you’, but YOU specifically… thanks for stopping by to keep up with me and the kickass nerdy things we share. 2014′s gonna be a great year for content, so stay tuned! And if this is your first time reading, then welcome – there’s some wine and a comfy chair just over there. :)

So from I, Valerie Lapomme, to you: Happy New Year!

P.S. Guy says hi too.

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