Which Fictional City Would You Actually Live In?

YOU GUYS. I was so happy when I stumbled across this Buzzfeed quiz about which fictional city you’d actually live in if you… y’know… could.


via azavea.com

These kinds of quizzy thangs are so popular right now it’s hard to go anywhere online without bumping into 50. But they’re sooo much fun too. This particular one reminds me of my Places I’d Go vlog I did a while back where I busted out my top 10 (fic) places I’d want to go. I wonder how this quiz stacks up?

The best part about these is that you can redo them and tweak your answers to other choices you might have made and see how it changes the results. First time I did this, I got Cloud City, second time Hogsmeade and third time Rivendell. TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

Anyways, do the quiz and leave a comment about which city you got!

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