ArtCorgi Makes Cool Art Affordable

I love me some great artwork! Whether it’s on a poster, a coaster, a painting, a postcard or graphic novels and comics, it makes life colourful and fun! Think about it: if you surround yourself with images and ideas that inspire you, it’s that much easier to be your brilliant self. It’s science, bitch!


Remember that time award-winning artist Pia Guerra designed some t-shirts and wallpapers for me? UNREAL! But I’m really lucky – not everybody gets to have that opportunity. So what’s an art-lover to do?

This is where new website ArtCorgi comes in. Literally, FRESH off the digital printing press – the site just launched today! You can search a database of original artwork, everything from sci-fi and fantasy to stylized portraits to landscapes, all done by up-and-coming artists! But hey, this is the digital age, right? So stuff is available for both digital and physical formats.



But what’s really cool is that you can connect with an artist who’s style you like to commission an original piece of artwork. Let’s justĀ say I’ve pictured myself on the bridge of the Enterprise (just kidding, this isn’t hypothetical): I can totally get this made! ART ME UP, SCOTTY.

Anyways, if you’ve got a few minutes, there’s some pretty awesome stuff to see at And thanks to co-creator Simone Collins for getting this on my radar!

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