Game of Thrones’ Daenerys is Now a Sea Slug

Ain’t no word of a lie! Tritonia khaleesi is a newly-discovered species of sea slug catalogued by scientists from Brazil’s University of Ceará. According to researchers, the creature’s silver band on its back reminded them of Daenerys’ silvery braid. So… they named it after her. A-booyah.


via Twitter user Gaymerbr

This is the absolute BEST – when pop culture icons become so popular and so cool that they begin to leech into real world titles, terms and living things. George R. R. Martin should feel proud as fuck right now. Or is it happy as a clam?

Regardless, I’m hopeful that the slug will make an appearance in books 5 or 6 (and bonus if it doesn’t get killed off). Check out more details in this article on Wired.

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