A Supercut Tribute to Marcia Wallace

Hilarious actor and sitcom smartass extraordinaire Marcia Wallace passed away recently due to complications from pneumonia. Damn it.

The Simpsons, which has featured Wallace as teacher Edna Krabappel since its inception, featured a heartwarming celebration of the actor in the chalkboard gag of a recent episode (Warning: approaching feels!).


via BBC News

Wallace’s absolutely stellar work as Mrs. Krabappel is Wallace’s best known work, and it’s easy to see why. The character was funny, sarcastic and surprisingly sweet, proving to be a perfect counterpoint to the mischievous Bart. In fact, Bart’s unintentionally cruel prank on her in the classic episode “Bart the Lover“ shows how funny, sensitive and real the show can be.

And then of course there’s her laugh. The Krabappel laugh has become so iconic that for many of us me it has become the comforting imitation to do when life isn’t going your way. It’s even begat supercuts:

However, Wallace was also part of the brilliant shows The Bob Newhart Show, That’s My Bush and an amazing game show guest, as you can see from this hilarious video:

And also, and perhaps most importantly, Wallace was a brilliant speaker who toured North America educating people about cancer. Check out this video with an excerpt from one of Wallace’s speeches to see what a hilarious, inspiring and fabulous person we’ve lost:

We love you Marcia. R.I.P.

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