Invisible Bike Helmet

What is it with the Swedish today? They’re a bunch of busy bees – or is it busy bikers?

Let’s face it – you’d rather not wear a bicycle helmet. It makes you look like Toad (in a really unflattering way) and it’s a minor annoyance to carry around, even when it’s not on your head. Let’s not forget that the inconvenience is vastly outweighed by the benefits though – wear a helmet, save your life. Easy… but try telling that to hipsters.



So what if there was a better way? What if there was a way to keep the protection AND the feeling of wind blowing through your hair (or just across your head – we love bald peeps too).



And now there is. Hövding is a Swedish start-up with an amazing idea for cyclists. Ditch the traditional helm and throw on a scarf-like piece of super-tech that bursts into a protective airbag for your head in the event of an emergency. It’s TOO cool.

Check out the official Hövding site for the video, the styles and more details. Ride swift, Sweden. Ride safe.

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