Sweden Busts Out Feminist Movie Rating System

Whaaaaaat?? Or should I say, vaaaaaaaad?

It’s true! Obivously sexism and gender equality are still massive problems in the world, especially in Hollywood. Michael Bay, I’m lookin’ at you, bub…


via ctvnews.ca

One Swedish cinema owner is trying to change that, however, or at the very least highlight the issue. Ellen Tejle of the arthouse Bio Rio movie theatre in Stockholm has introduced something pretty darn cool, summed up in three words – “the Bechdel test.” Basically, in order for a movie to get an A-rating, it has to have two named female characters who talk to each other about something¬†other than a dude. Seems pretty simple, right?

Well, its simplicity might actually be deceiving. This is a tough pill to swallow, but a ton of my faves don’t make the cut – I’m talking the LOTR trilogy, all of Star Wars, Pulp Fiction and 7 out of 8 Harry Potter flicks. Fluck.


I’ve gotta say, though, that this feminist movie rating system is a brilliant idea and a cool way to tackle a lingering issue in the movie industry. It’s 2013, people, how are we still having these problems?? Ah, but that’s another conversation for another time.

Check out this article for more info. I for one would looove to see the system come to Canada, or better yet, go global. What do you guys think?

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