Have ALLLL The Free Books… Read ALLLL The Free Books!

Love free books?  Well you’re going to love, love, love LibriVox, an organization partly created by “book culture hacker,” culture mover-and-shaker and my new giant nerd crush, Hugh McGuire.


via apps.goodreader.com

LibriVox is a collection of over 7000 free audio versions of books in the public domain. The audiobooks are performed by volunteers, who don’t even need to audition – any accent is accepted as long as it’s understandable. While this means that the recordings won’t be to everyone’s taste, if you’re a lover of DIY/hacker culture it’s a particularly beautiful idea: everyone has access to great art either as a consumer or a performer.

Heck, maybe we’ll get some more narrations just as good as the ones mentioned in this Apartment Therapy post. Hey, Stephen Fry probably has some time between doing ALL the things, right?

If you’re interested in being involved (especially if you’re interested AND are Stephen Fry) click on this link to find out more about how to volunteer.

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