BadLipReading Tackles ‘Game of Thrones’

YouTube channel BadLipReading is back at it again with a hysterical look at the poorly-dubbed world of Game of Thrones. What happens when Eddie Stark has just one week to open the most bad-ass medieval theme park around? Throw in a cast of weirdos, poo-flingers and lazy do-nothings and you’ve got the makings of a stoner comedy like no other.

Seriously, this take on Westeros’ favourite figures had me floored laughing – tears rolled down my manly, manly face. That almost never happens. So drop whatever you’re doing and click that big-ass play button below:

If you want more (I know I do), BadLipReading also turns The Walking Dead, Twilight, The Hunger Games and more on their heads. Do it up!

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