‘ROBOCOP’ Has a Lot of Potential

The new trailer for ROBOCOP is out!

It definitely looks very different from the 80′s classic. The previous iteration addressed the cynicism of the 1980′s perfectly. It was satire. It was bleak. It was brutal.

The new film isn’t going to be a remake that addresses the same themes, and I for one am sort of glad for that. I don’t think remakes need to try to tread the same ground as the original, mostly because they can’t.

Society has evolved and the zeitgeist has changed.

Though corporate greed and responsibility may be relevant themes today, the new film seems to focus on the idea that technology is weaving itself into our very humanity and we struggle with the idea of finding balance with that. It won’t be long before Google Glass permeates our society, and soon we may start to see more invasive integration of circuitry in our lives. We are going to have to tackle some big ideas about how we as people feel about that.

The series H+ also explores that theme and I think this ROBOCOP remake is going to focus on that a lot.


via threeifbyspace.net

I also get a real interesting police-state vibe from the trailer from the shots of drones flying around “serving the peace” on a civic level. I’m really hoping this film sparks discussion about personal freedom and the cost-effective battle of fighting crime on the street.

We also have to remember the sequel films to the original ROBOCOP and how progressively bad they got. They didn’t diminish the value and voice of the original for me. ¬†Why? Because the original film is great, and like the original Star Wars trilogy, the subsequent works do not alter my relationship with the original(s).

Am I happy with every change they have made to the story, the characters and the plot of the original ROBOCOP? No I’m not – but I do have an open mind. I’m definitely prepared to let this film stand up to judgement on its own, without the spectre of the original ROBOCOP affecting my enjoyment of it.

I’m actually really excited to see the film – I’ll be checking it out on opening night for sure!

I just hope it doesn’t let me down, like the recent Total Recall did.

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