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via Ben Schwartz Fan Blog

Actually, everyone loves him. Ben Schwartz is the improviser every improviser wants to be. Funny, smart, a great writer – oh, and he plays one of the greatest characters on TV: Jean-Ralphio Saperstein of Parks and Recreation, summed up in this gif:



Jean-Ralphio could be (and basically is) a giant creep. But in the hands of Schwartz, he’s just a giant overeager puppy dog of a guy. A puppy dog that you wouldn’t want in your house for long, but mostly harmless and ridiculous.

If you’re a comedy nerd, you’re probably already familiar with the project that first brought Schwartz to the public’s (well, the geeky public’s) attention: Rejected Jokes. This is an internet channel where Schwartz would perform the jokes that he submitted to SNL and Letterman that they didn’t use:

I was personally a huge fan of the series, because for a comedy nerd and writer it was inspiring to see just how hard Schwartz hustled at his comedy and the sheer volume of jokes he wrote. Also, celebrity cameos!

If you like what you’ve seen so far, you’re going to love this recent interview between Schwartz and Paul F. Tompkins. It’s absolute candy for comedy fiends:

And now that you’re all officially on the the Schwartz train to Schwartzville, make sure to check out his website and YouTube channel for his a bunch of his short films.

**Note: Also, and you heard it here first, apparently Ben Schwartz is also a shape changer.  Here’s one of the top pictures when you Google “Ben Schwartz shirtless”. Which I did because of… reasons.

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