Sexy Nerd Girl Nominated for Best Web Series

Please take a moment to consider voting for Sexy Nerd Girl in the 2013 Canadian Comedy Awards. All Canadians are eligible to vote. Simply register as a public voter on, then login to your newly formed account and click on VOTE. We’re listed in the Best Web Series category.

BUT LET’S ASSUME FOR A MOMENT that you despise Sexy Nerd Girl. There are 4 other web series that are nominated in our category. All are deserving of this award, IMHO. So really what I’m saying here is, if you’re Canadian, and you like watching Canadian web series, go vote for one of these shows. Thanks. :)

2 thoughts on “Sexy Nerd Girl Nominated for Best Web Series

  1. That’s awesome congrats. though I feel they left out another well known Canadian webshow that should have been added it. Video Games Awesome/Awesome Video Games/ Far From Subtle. they too put out amazingly amusing videos.

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