3D Printing – WIN WIN WIN

A while ago, Val posted a Vlog about the future of video games.

My favourite idea was attaching a 3D printer to your console so that you could print out physical versions of awards and trophies. Imagine a game that came with a cartridge system that held specific colours and textures of materials and that printed unique (aaand probably copywritten) versions of achievements in games.


via wikipedia.org

You could make some achievements very easy to obtain, and some, very difficult – making physical versions really hard to obtain. Small victories like medals could be printed quickly and could be made to wear. Larger, more difficult trophies (like a full-sized Master Sword) might be for those that can beat the game without dying.

Imagine if the cartridge that came with the game (or the cartridge was also the physical copy of the game) could only be used with the game, and came specifically with the exact amount of 3D printing materials to print all of the awards in the game.  You would have a constant reference there in front of you telling you how much more there was to complete…

I LOVE this idea. It reminds me a little of a Kinder Surprise Egg:


via revolvingfloor.com

You won’t know what your award will be until it is printed. AND it might only print pieces of a larger prize – that all fit together – like a statue or a Lego puzzle:


via leoslegolab.blogspot.com

The pieces might also create something that you need to decode a puzzle in the game – like you have to win all the parts to build some type of decryptor or decoder or key, and once they’re all assembled, you can move forward in the game.

Each piece has significance on it’s own, but put together, they make something amazing: a physical representation of your experience with the game. How awesome is that?

Imagine if when you finished Portal 3 (which I hope will be coming soon), you were able to assemble something as amazing as this:

The future is NOW people. And I think I’m in the wrong business!

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