Top 5 Most Fascinating Subreddits

Not sure about that weird site everyone keeps talking about called Reddit? Heard it’s full of trolls who have mastered the art of making you cry?



Yes, like any large community, Reddit has its fair share of goons, but there’s more! SO MUCH MORE! Thousands of subreddits for every conceivable topic! (I even have my own: r/GraphHumor – don’t be jealous, bro).

You don’t even need an account to enjoy these top five fascinating subreddits. Enjoy!


IAMA is a subreddit where people with interesting jobs or life experiences go to answer questions. Previous IAMAs have included people like Arnold Schwartzenegger, Skrillex, Louis CK, Snoop Lion (Dogg? Whatever…), and even US President Barack Obama. The best part is, it’s all archived, so you can go through it all at your leisure.



2) ELI5 (Explain It Like I’m 5)

Normally having something explained to you like you’re a child is pretty condescending. That’s why most of the topics tackled in this subreddit are extremely difficult.

For example, someone might ask “What is a Higgs Boson particle?” or “Help me understand what’s going on in North Korea.”

Rich in metaphors and accessible language, this is the best place to finally figure out how an engine works, or what the heck macro-economics even means.

3) AskReddit

If you have a question, there’s a good bet somebody on Reddit has asked it.  This subreddit is really entertaining, as it includes fun but inconsequential questions i.e. “Do you prefer juice or milk and why?” to anecdote-baiting such as ”Bus drivers, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on your route?” all the way to real thought-provoking questions such as “If you could erase any modern invention from existence, what would it be?”



4) TIL (Today I Learned)

This subreddit is a great place to pick up incidental trivia. For example, I went on here today and learned:

That all the Gold mined in the World so far, would fill only two swimming pools.

In Germany it is not illegal to try to escape from prison because it’s basic human instinct to be free.

You never know what kind of gem you’ll discover that you can interest up a conversation with.

5) Photoshop Battles

You won’t learn much in this subreddit, but it’s fascinating to watch a starting picture get team-photoshopped in a celebration of boredom and group creativity.  Check out this thread called “All Those Empty Seats,” which began as Barack Obama sitting alone on a train.



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