not birds nor planes

Back to the weekly grind!  Guy and I are getting together tonight to have…

Is it a flock of birds?

Is it more than one plane?

No! It’s a SUPERMAN MARATHON (or just movies 1 and 2). I wonder what he’s gonna say when I tell him about my night with Adam?

I’m thinking something sarcastic with a splash of sardonicism.

4 thoughts on “not birds nor planes

  1. My inner nerd can’t resist.

    Are you watching the theatrical cut or the extended video version of STM. I have a weakness for the extended version, as it features Luthor shooting, freezing and burning Supes. There aren’t enough scenes where Luthor actually does battle with Supes in the normal version.

    What about Superman II? Are you a theatrical version gal, or are you watching the Donner Cut? I’ve taken to watching hybrid versions reedited by friends, but hey, I’m a nerd :)

    • We watched the plain ol’ theatrical editions, but then watched the deleted scenes from the special features menu!

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