Mr. “Harsh Words” Sideki

Whaaaat?? Guy’s over and we’re partway through our Superman evening but also talking about Adam – and Guy’s being a little harsh!

I told him how we met up and things took a (delightful) turn when we ended back up at my place and Adam stayed the night. Guy’s reaction:

“Sounds like a jerk douchebag who’s playing you for some easy action. Don’t fall for it.”

Guy!! I couldn’t disagree more! Especially since Adam brought me lunch at work on Sunday morning – doesn’t sound like something someone who’s just looking for a lay would do, right?

I’m not saying Adam and I are meant to BE together or anything, but he’s definitely changing my original perceptions of him, for sure.

So pull it outta yo’ ass, Sideki or I’ll get Superman to do it for you!

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