One door closes, another opens…



I did it. Seven books. Eight movies.

And one big, glowing heart in the aftermath.

Last night’s Harry Potter show was amazing, for so many different reasons!

Not only was the movie itself good (espesh the CGI) but I sobbed like a frantic Dobby at parts, especially when (no spoilers!) it showed clips from all the past movies…little Harry is so cute!

There’s something too about seeing with a hundred other people as well, who are all feeling the same things you are. Except for iron-heart Guy, cynically munching on his popcorn…

But to use a fitting cliché…it really was magical. :)

Though something completely unexpected happened when Guy and I walked out at around 2:30am. Something I would never, EVER have expected if I’d had a million years to sit and ponder the probability of unexpected things…

Joanne walked out too.

Yes. Joanne von Daimler, my temporary manager from work, who (rightfully so) sort of gave me hell this week for my little stunts.

I admit, I just gaped for a second before she saw me and came over to say hi! We talked for a bit, and…she was actually really nice! Very pleasant AND it turns out just as big a Harry Potter fan as I am!


Anyways, we both had to be in work this morning, AND I’m pulling a double-shift today to make up for getting the time off for HP, so we said our goodbyes and went home. I’m still a little shocked…

But all in all, a TERRIFIC evening!! I think I can die now.

…except not: Captain America comes out next week!

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