Not out of the woods just yet…

Just got back from my “thank you for letting me reschedule my punishment shift so that I could go see the Harry Potter premiere” coffee with Joanne!

We talked about a lot of stuff, especially Harry Potter – I never would’ve pegged her for a fan if I hadn’t seen her walk out of the premiere with my own two eyes.

I’m thinking while it may not have started out as a great experience, having Joanne as a temp boss made me remember something: firstly, no matter how mean the book looks, don’t judge it by its cover and you may be surprised (I know I was)!

But towards the end of our conversation, she said something that reeaaally bugged me: Joanne admitted that she’d recently been thinking of letting Tim go.

Letting Tim go??? That BLEW me away! I was really careful in asking if she could actually do that, seeing as she was only a temporary manager at Birk…and she said she is fully trained and did some hiring/firing consultations in the past: so yes!!

When it came down to it though, she didn’t pull the plug on Tim…but she’s thinking about recommending it to Dmitri!!!

I dunno if I should tell Tim, though…would Dmitri actually take Joanne’s advice and fire him? Is it worth stressing Tim out over potentially nothing?

My conscience is crying a little right now…

2 thoughts on “Not out of the woods just yet…

  1. Before you do anything: did Joanne actually say why she thought Tim should be dismissed? Absenteeism? Misuse of company assets? Unprofessional behaviour? Bad breath?

    If she didn’t tell you why, then there’s no reason for you to worry Tim about it, because as far as you know it’s only a recommendation from a temporary boss, on which Dmitri may or may not take action.

    • Mostly i think it’s his attitude at work, and general slackerdom. I don’t like saying this about a friend – but he doesn’t take the job very seriously, and he does goof off a bit on the phone calls, or just half-ass them a bit. I get it, it’s not where he wants to be in life and that’s fair – but at the moment he doesn’t have anything to fall back on which is why I’m worried.

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