Ferris Bueller’s Big F-Up

There are two sides to this post: one is good. And one is evil.

We’ll start with the good.

Today was full of AWESOMEOCITY! After Tim and I hit up the AGO (terrific!), we headed over to Kensington Market and the Blue Banana where I found a really nice bronze-y pendant! Blue Banana always has good stuff. :)

And what’s a complete trip to Kensington without a visit to Wanda’s Pie in the Sky? Deeeliiccciiiooouuussss!!

Everything was great until around 5 when I got a call. From the office. I recognized my manager’s extension, and normally I’d pick up, but with Dmitri on holiday …it could only be Joanne!

Here begins the evil side of things….

When I checked the voicemail after, turns out I was right – it was Joanne.


She knew Tim and I had been playing hooky!!! How?! HOW?? It’s like she’s got psychic superpowers or something, it’s not possible!!

Except apparently it is. In the message, Megabitch said we needed to have a “chat.” Oh no, OH NO!

But okay, okay….just breathe. What’s the worst that can happen? She writes me up and I get a mild lecture from Dmitri on Monday? I mean today was the last day I’m going to see her before Dmitri gets back…, so it can’t be that bad.

I guess I should phone back into the office tomorrow morning before it gets too late and see what Joanne wants……

This was so almost the perfect day……

2 thoughts on “Ferris Bueller’s Big F-Up

  1. Worst that can happen? Dismissal.

    Most likely thing that can happen? Docking of one day’s pay.

    Why? Because one thing you might not have thought about are the relations between MB and Dmitri. It’s certainly possible that MB Hyde, in front of you, could behave like Joanne Jekyll, in front of Dmitri. They may, when out of your eyesight, get along like yourself and Guy. (Don’t gag; people can surprise you like that.)

    Which would make her more believable should she present a case to Dmitri that both you and Tim went AWOL without making arrangements that your work would be covered (e.g. making sure any calls to your line would be forwarded to another employee).

    There *are* some employers who’d regard such absenteeism as grounds for dismissal, especially if they can prove that it’s chronic. Most are more forgiving than that extreme, of course; but they *can* legitimately dock you a day’s pay, depending on what your contract looks like. (I’m assuming you’re not in a union job.) Or, if you have paid vacation, they could deduct one of your vacation days to cover it.

    Now, I’m not trying to scare you or anything, but about your question on how she knew you were playing hooky?

    Answer: In all likelihood, you told her. On Thursday.

    You see, while Ms. MB may not approve of FBing or tweeting *during* office hours, it does not necessarily follow that she FBs or tweets *after* or *before* office hours. Depending on how many of your co-workers (not to mention Dmitri) know about your online stuff, she could look you up online easily. And, since it doesn’t seem like she’s the type to hang out with you after hours, you can’t say, for certain, that she’s not interested in what you (and other employees) do online.

    Now, she might consider herself to have a healthy enough ego to ignore your comments about her — grousing about the boss is something people do on their own time, after all — but when it comes to employees deliberately missing work, Ms MB would be in big trouble with her own higher-ups if she *doesn’t* do something about it.

    Conclusion? You’re probably in for a lecture. But you might also want to update your CV and portfolio. Just in case. (And hope that your mom doesn’t get curious about your more recent blogging.)

    • OH GOD!!!!! I might not ever forgive myself if I got myself fired from this job. (I know that sounds harsh, and it probably is…and way over dramatic) but I LOOOVE this job. I know it’s hard for people to understand that because it’s just a call centre – but I love talking to new people and answering questions, and helping people out and – it just really is the perfect job for me right now.

      Ugh. I REALLY hope I didn’t just screw myself over. Most likely – she saw a tweet. I really don’t think she found my blog…it’s a little more off the beaten path right? Oh Twitter, how could you betray me like this!? (I know, I know, I betrayed myself). Still playing the waiting game right now…this is torture! Hopefully she just passes the discipline off to Dmitri who’d be more understanding just because we’ve worked together so long. Hopefully.

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