all the small things.

I’ve had my best bud on the mind a lot today.

…I guess what Marge was saying last night kinda got to me…you know, about how she thinks her and I make better friends than me and Guy do…I mean, I hope I NEVER have to decide between friends, but I really wish more people could, well, understand all the reasons why Guy and I get along so well…

Ya know, all the things that make us totally the same and really compatible friendlies.

But even if Marge was a little off the wall last night, I still really dig that she’s super outgoing, and she’s right to think we have that in common… But what really makes Guy my bud is that I never feel like I have to do anything around him to have fun. It’s like we’re light years past trying to impress each other!

Guy’s my only pal where doing nothing is just as fun going out.

Having said that…

…I’ve decided it’s time to flip the switch on all the drama that’s been happening around me lately.

What really needs to go down are more FUN TIMES with Guy!!

Time to take matters into my own hands. I will cure his break up sads if it’s the last thing I do!!

…can you guess what I have in mind?

K, hangman clue:

Th_me  Pa_t_????

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