To quote a 3rd grader: “none of your beeswax!”

After seeing my vlog that I shot from Jay’s place…(BTW…impromptu 3am video/batman dress-up session was a blast)…Guy called me right away. And I do mean, RIGHT away!!!

He told me he was grossed out. GROSSED OUT??? I asked him if meant “gross gross”, like watching the girl getting her eye cut out in Hostel? Or gross uncomfortable, like watching the lesbian scene from Chloe with your parents?

He said it was just plain gross, he said it was TMI, and he said he wished he had never seen it…and that I must be crazy for putting personal shit like that on the web. Personal? I thought it was just kinda funny.

Either way – WTF, Guy?

2 thoughts on “To quote a 3rd grader: “none of your beeswax!”

    • yeah, he can sometimes. but he usually realizes the error of his ways…and if he doesn’t, I realize it for him!

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