The unknown…

When I see an unknown number pop up on my call display, I find it intriguing…”who is this mysterious caller?”, I ask while stroking my imaginary beard. Am I about to make a new friend?

Usually it’s just a wrong number that hangs up on me beofre I can say goodbye…but this time is was a new friend! A new friend I had already met! It was Marge! Very intriguing indeed.

Unfortunately however for this curious cat, the call was dropped before Marge could tell me what she wanted to talk about! Damn you cellphone provider! Damn you concrete edifice that houses Comic Con!

The worst part? She hasn’t called me back! (fists in the air, screaming to the heavens) NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

In hindsight the unknown number is so much better than not knowing…you know what I mean?

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