Embrace it!

So after a long week (and a long afternoon at Comic Con! Pics on my Facebook…more to come tomorrow!) I decided to curl up this evening with a good book once I got home from CC.

I’m on my second pass of George R.R. Martin’s, Game of Thrones. Better known as the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire series. A-mazing! The only difference is, this time around I now have a yummy visual of Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo!!! I would name a dragon after him too.

I wanna be super sharp for season one…if you haven’t heard…it’s gonna be an HBO show!!! “Hey HBO…you and I are going to be besties April 17th.” I cannot wait! This is going to be the best multiple storyline, noble families, violence, medieval fantasy television series EVER!!!!  Well..off to the fictional world of Essos! (and also bed soon…gonna be another long day at Comic Con…day off, wahooooooo!)

”I embrace you, brother!” – Sarmion Baratheon to Doran Dondarrion

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