Puffy-eyed Sonic

I feel like a slumdog millionaire…minus the millions…

Yesterday Guy and I were fighting to the ump degree. Picture Sonic & Knuckles‘ final battle before Dr.Eggman ‘s true plans were revealed. Epic.

I was so distraught by our fight in fact that by the time I went to bed I forgot my basic human needs…like brushing my teeth! blech.

When I woke up this morning I felt like my mouth was full of kittens wearing sweaters. Cute visual, but it’s not actually that pleasant… and it’s not really helping the blotchy, puffy eyed look I have going on.

In the end, I trust Guy and I will destroy this “Death Egg” of a fight and save the “emerald”, that is our friendship…I just hope Jay isn’t Tails in this situation…

Off to work!

All this egg talk and mega battling, is making me crave Benny…but first, the kittens!

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